How it works

How It Works

Select and book a LastBidParts product is very easy, just follow these simple steps:



To start using the platform and you can book lots Register . Upon completion of the registration process you will be sent an email to verify that the record has been made by the direction and activate the account on the platform.

Select a lot

Select a batch or Customize

Once registered you'll have to complete your profile data to select a lot from the different categories or create a lot, which can not be worth less than 3,000€.



Whether you've done a lot to move as if you selected one of the already created only have to press the button Book and Buy to add that product to your order list. That list can refer to the panel My Orders from the top of the screen.

Lastbidparts confirm if there is any drop in the references of the batch and tell you how to proceed to have the data necessary for shipment and payment for the goods.